Episode 5: The HMS Bounty

Episode 5: The HMS Bounty

When you think of the Bounty, your mind may turn to daring mutineers, island paradises or maybe the last chocolate left in a box of Celebrations. Despite the now infamous story of mutiny—going on to become the subject of various major Hollywood films—much of what we\’ve come to associate with the Bounty has been subject to a fair share of artistic license.

Many are familiar with the story of the mutinous Mr Christian, who liberated the Bounty and its crew from the oppressive Captain Bligh, but just how accurate is that account? Who really were these men, and how did two friends end up on either side of one of the most notorious incidents in maritime history?

“After having undergone a great deal of ridicule, and been kept some time to make sport for those unfeeling wretches, we were at length cast adrift in the ocean.” - William Bligh

So jump aboard, as we set sail through the seas of misconception and discover what really happened onboard the Bounty on 28 April 1789.

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