Ridiculous Reasons for War

What's the connection between the following items: a camel, a stray dog, a pig and a bucket? If you answered 'things Will's girlfriend has tried to take home with her from holiday', you'd technically be correct--but luckily that's not the topic of this episode. In fact, all of these items have also been used as ridiculous reasons to go to war over the years, despite what you would hope to be the instigators' better judgements.

Wars have been fought for a variety of reasons over the years--not all of them good, but the thought was there at least. Many of these wars which happened for petty, stupid or completely pointless reasons have however been understandably forgotten to history.

Photo by Nesha Thich / Unsplash

Whether it's stools, emus or bat droppings: it turns out that no topic has been too stupid for humans to pick a fight over.

In this episode of The Gallimaufry, we delve into the more inglorious history of warfare and discuss our favourite bizarre battles and crazy conflicts. Brace yourself--it's going to get a bit silly.