The Discovery of Radio

This is the carpet shop calling! Radio may seem a bit archaic these days, but it’s actually a relatively recent development–and a huge one at that.

The ability to communicate wirelessly is something we often take for granted, but it’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Back when TikTok was just something clocks did, the only methods of communication over long distances were by wire, semaphor or just good old shouting.

This all changed in the mid 19th Century, when the work of many scientists and tinkerers from across the world culminated in the discovery of the radiowave. While initially regarded as something of a curiosity, it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that the first scheduled radio stations began broadcasting.

...I've reached my final destination, bought a radio station and she's fifty thousand watts pure and clear...
(From the song K S O S by Emmylou Harris)

 / Home radio studio of Nitty-Gritty Music Radio, you can listen at
Photo by Fringer Cat / Unsplash

Since then, radio has made mass communication immediate, accessible and affordable. It’s use on ships and aeroplanes has saved countless lives, while the proliferation of streaming audio and video calls have killed more than their fair share of phone batteries.

In this episode we discover the technological breakthroughs which allowed wireless mass communication, and the insurmountable effect it has had on society. So tune in as we go back to our roots and discuss the origins of radio.